Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

YOUR Impacts

Without you our hospital would be good but not great. Here are a few statistics and video stories of how you have impacted healthcare in our region for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your neighbours.

Equipment YOU Have Purchased

This video is just a small window into the more than 150 pieces of equipment you have purchased for the Hospital since 1991.

Programs YOU Support

You have supported so many critical programs at the hospital. Below is a window into some of the impacts these programs have had.

The Parental Bereavement Program

The Bravery Bead Program

When You Give, You Receive

Your support for regional healthcare can help you too! Charitable donations can reduce or even entirely remove your tax bill, depending on your personal financial circumstances. Find out more with Giftabulator, which will automatically calculate your benefits.

Donate Today, Your Way.

Whether they are planned, recurring, or a one-time gift, your donations help improve healthcare services and facilities in our region. Consider making a difference in your community, today.