Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

YOU are Vital

The need is urgent, and YOU are the key to transforming healthcare for you, your loved ones, and your region.

YOU are the vital link that takes good healthcare to great healthcare.

YOU are the key to providing the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital and the QEII Hospital with enhanced vital tools needed to provide great healthcare.

YOU ensure our hospitals meet the critical needs of you and your family today and for generations to come.

YOUR charitable donation gift brings enhanced healthcare services and equipment closer to home – affecting thousands of patients every year.

YOUR donation:

  • Improves the healthcare experience for you and those you care about
  • Shortens wait times for crucial services and procedures
  • Reduces stress and anxiety for patients and families by reducing separation and financial burdens due to travel and reduced employment
  • Attracts healthcare workers to our region
  • Provides enhanced targeted care for vulnerable patients and results in better health outcomes.

Their stories are filled with anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and grief…

A doctor tells his elderly patient that they can’t have an operation at this hospital – the hospital doesn’t have the right equipment. The Doctor is frustrated. The medical team needs an ENT Navigation System unit. The patient, who is vulnerable, frail, and cannot drive has to travel more than 500 kilometres to Edmonton – away from family and support they will need to get through the surgery and recovery. “I feel helpless,” says the doctor to an empty room…

A psychologist just left a session with a 16, year-old patient who is suffering from mental illness. The patient is in a particularly low state of mind – and there is concern the patient will turn to substance abuse or worse – this is a crucial time for an intervention. The psychologist knows specialized coping techniques would provide the patient with new ways to cope, greatly reducing or negating the urge for unprescribed medication or thoughts of self-harm. If only the hospital had a Multi-Sensory Room, the benefits could last a lifetime…

A son sits by his mother’s bedside holding her hand as she nears the end of her life. His heart is breaking, there will be such a hole in his family’s world. In the hallway outside her hospital room, the son can hear laughing and carts rolling around. He thinks to himself: does no one care that his mother is dying? Where’s the respect and solitude that they need right now…

YOU are the rest of their story.

Just like the doctor’s patient, the therapist’s patient and the son, you never know when you will need your hospital and the services, and programs it provides. Unlike other communities where the hospital is the centre of healthcare in the community, our regional hospitals here in Grande Prairie are the backbone of healthcare for many communities and are vital for the health and resilience within our region. Your charitable donation gifts make these unfunded pieces of enhanced medical equipment such as the ENT Navigation System, unfunded infrastructure projects such as the Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Experience Room and unfunded programs such as the end-of-life White Rose Program, not just a possibility but a reality.  They were all supported by donors like you who have their own vision of healthcare in our region. You truly are the rest of their story, because, without visionary donors like you this equipment, this space or that program would not exist.

Imagine a visionary who...

  • Day after day, advocating and pursuing ways to enhance the ability of your hospital to meet the needs of you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your neighbours
  • Is a trusted visionary, who is not only rooted in our Region but who is inspired to work tirelessly towards the dream of having our hospitals and our healthcare be not just good but great
  • Believes hospitals should be places of comfort, where top-quality healthcare professionals provide the best healthcare they’ve been trained to provide
  • Believes hospitals should be more than a cold institutional buildings
  • Believes that hospitals should be the center of healthcare excellence
    and believes that hospitals are part of a larger community of healthcare professionals in the region
  • Imagine hospitals with the infrastructure, equipment, services, and programs needed for healthcare professionals to take a multifaceted approach to care, integrating families into the patient’s healthcare journey
  • Believes that keeping families together when they need it the most is a crucial element in a patient’s healthcare journey

That visionary is YOU! Through the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation and its mission of caring about the future of healthcare for our communities and our families, your donation can turn your vision of healthcare and hospitals in our region into a reality.

Your story is part of something bigger.

Your hospitals are special, not only because they are there for you every day, but because they are there for so many. Unlike most regular hospitals, yours are regional hospitals. Meaning, they not only form the foundation of healthcare for the City of Grande Prairie but also for people living outside of the city, across the Peace Region of Alberta, and in communities within northeastern British Columbia. An area with over 300,000 residents! Your hospitals are mighty and are the backbone that provides the stability needed for living in the Mighty Peace Country.

Your charitable donation gift of support to the QEII and Grande Prairie Regional Hospital:

  • Creates positive healthcare changes and outcomes for you, your family, your friends, and your neighbours across our region
  • Demonstrates your devotion to caring for patients and their families – in many cases, saving lives.
    keeps families together and closer to home during traumatic health care treatments
  • Reduces patient and family stress and anxiety due to travel, separation, and the patient’s healthcare journey
  • Reduces patient and family expenses due to travel and separation.
    reduces healthcare delivery wait time
  • Brings new and innovative medical equipment, practices, services, programs, and educational opportunities to our region
  • Attracts new physicians and healthcare workers to our region
  • Creates healthcare transformation that will last for generations

Since 1991 your generous charitable donation gifts have totaled more than $50,000,000.00 that have:

  • Provided the hospitals with more than fifty-five (55) pieces of innovative medical equipment
  • Helped deliver and sustain more than ten (10) programs that support patients and their families
  • Funded five (5) infrastructure projects
  • Provided more than 200 bursaries and scholarships to healthcare students to pursue their education as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare technician personnel
  • Provided ongoing educational opportunities and additional support for medical staff

Your Foundation

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation is deeply rooted in the Peace Region, advocating for you, our donors and our patients. By matching your visons of healthcare and your charitable donations, with the needs of the hospitals, we ensure that your healthcare vision goes beyond what is expected, proactively meeting the needs of our growing community and region. We are stewards of your vital and generous charitable donations ensuring that specialized equipment, major projects, patient care programs, and education are available in your hospitals. We provide the link between you and the QEII and Grande Prairie Regional Hospitals.

Vision: Engaging with our communities to support excellence in healthcare!

Mission: Caring about the future of healthcare for our communities and our families!

You are changing their story.

As your trusted partner, the Hospital Foundation’s commitment to you is to help you connect with your hospitals, so your vision of healthcare can come true. The commitment to you from the Foundation is to pursue its mission of caring about the future of healthcare for our communities and our families.

When you and other donors unite for healthcare, through the Foundation, the results are life-changing. It provides for:

  • The purchase of vital enhanced medical equipment
  • The funding of infrastructure projects
  • The sustained operations of patient programs that give care to patients that goes beyond normal healthcare practices
  • Frontline medical staff, so they can give you and your loved ones extra special care
  • Over the last two years alone, your donations provided an ENT Navigation System, a Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Experience Room, and The White-Rose end-of-life program


You and your loved ones never know when you will need your hospital – just like the patients and the families you met earlier. You, dear donor, are the beacon of hope that creates a brighter future. Your vision of what healthcare can look like in our region is inspiring. Together we can make it happen!

Our values

Accountability – Donors and volunteers are the heart of our organization. We are accountable stewards of the donors’ funds. We responsibly manage the funds to which we have been entrusted.

Collaboration – Volunteers, donors, and staff are all members of our Foundation’s team and are essential in realizing the Foundation’s mission. Through teamwork, we all fundraise to support the community’s health and well-being.

Integrity and Trust – We act with integrity and trust. We are principled in thought and deed. We are open honest and fair, and our actions meet our words.

Pursuit of Excellence – We are committed to building a stronger and healthier community and bringing the best in healthcare to our stakeholders. We embrace innovation in healthcare delivery and support and in our fundraising efforts.

Compassion – We have compassion for those who seek care, our donors, our community members, our healthcare delivery personnel, our volunteers, and our team. We embrace the diversity and inclusion of our organization and stakeholders.

Reaching into our region and beyond

Your belief in the Foundation has allowed us to create partnerships with other healthcare agencies. Relationships that allow us to better support your hospitals by adding to the cohesive net of healthcare that spans outside of our region. We are proud to partner with the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Alberta Cancer Foundation and The Fairview Health Foundation.

When You Give, You Receive

Your support for regional healthcare can help you too! Charitable donations can reduce or even entirely remove your tax bill, depending on your personal financial circumstances. Find out more with Giftabulator, which will automatically calculate your benefits.

Donate Today, Your Way.

Whether they are planned, recurring, or a one-time gift, your donations help improve healthcare services and facilities in our region. Consider making a difference in your community, today.