Engaging with our communities to support excellence in healthcare.

Our Mission

Caring about the future of healthcare for our communities and our families.

Our Values

Integrity  *  Trust  *  Honest  *  Fair  *  Teamwork  *  Innovation  *  Compassion  *  Diversity  *  Inclusion

The fundamental shared beliefs for the Foundation’s Board and Staff, which we bring to bear in our decisions, include:

  • We act with integrity and trust – we are principled in thought and deed
  • We are open, honest and fair, and our actions reflect our words
  • Through teamwork, we all fundraise to support the community’s health and wellbeing
  • We are committed to building a stronger and healthier community and bringing the best in health care to our stakeholders
  • As accountable stewards of the donor’s funds, we responsibly manage the funds which we have been entrusted
  • We embrace innovation in health care delivery and support, and in our fundraising efforts
  • We have compassion for those who seek care, our donors, our community members, our health care delivery personnel, our volunteers and our team
  • We embrace diversity and inclusion of our organization and stakeholders

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation (GPRHF) is an integral part of both your hospitals and your community.  The Foundation’s role creates the conduit for your donations to directly support necessary hospital equipment and programs and is a key component of the excellent care provided to your community.

Every dollar makes a difference in someones’ story. Consider a monthly or one-time donation to the Hospital Foundation today.

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