Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

A Story of True Greatness in Your Community

Have you heard the adage “Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give”?

Today we want to share with you a story of a woman who was the mark of true GREATNESS, a reflection in your community of that adage. Her name was Margaret LeCerf, known by most as Peggy. Sadly, Peggy left our community on January 8, 2021, at the young age of 93.

Over the past 25 years, Peggy brought warmth to hundreds if not thousands of community members, in fact, the recipients of Peggy’s warmth still feel it today and will well into the future.

To understand how this could be possible you must know Peggy’s life philosophy which was “I sit I knit”. Peggy began knitting at the age of 4 and later in life found it not only to be a great hobby and distraction but a way to give back to those who needed it. She would often knit from sunrise to sunset, pulling her patterns only from her mind (she never did use a pattern).

Mackenzie Place was the recipient of many of her afghans and lapghans, but her generosity did not stop with just your hospital. Peggy’s list of organizations she supported is endless; Odyssey House, the Men’s Shelter, Catholic Family Services, the Elders’ Shelter, the Salvation Army for the homeless and the Red Cross.  Recipients of Peggy’s generosity can be found everywhere, even in your schools in the form of toques donated for children in need.

Peggy’s knitting was her main form of donation; however, she would always purchase extra socks to donate, in fact, her last sock donation was 140 pairs!

Peggyt’s daughter Judy believes it was her mother’s service to and survival of WWII that made her such a giving soul. “Sharing was not an option during the war, everyone shared to survive. I think that is where it came from, she always gave.”

Although the source of Peggy’s greatness in giving may truly never be known, we do know you can see her today keeping many members of your community warm. Her warmth is all around us, in schoolyards, on sidewalks and on the laps of those in need.

Thank you to the LeCerf family for allowing us to share this story, we are honoured.

We at the Foundation see greatness every day, we see your greatness in donations, volunteer hours and support. Do you have a story to share? Email us today and together we can share your story.