Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation

A New Hobby and Community Connection for Good Through Isolation

COVID has impacted each and everyone of us in different ways. For some the impacts of isolation can be difficult, this is a story of finding a new hobby and community connection for good through isolation.

Recently, we received these beautiful donations (just in time for Valentines Day) that were simply dropped of at the front door of the hospital, each set of items had a note attached that read…

Such a beautiful donation and note, so much time had to have gone into such intricate items…we wanted to know more about Lori, Jennifer, and the NICU Crocheters. We reached out to Lori and here is what she shared with us:

“With being home so much due to COVID-19, I decided to teach myself to crochet via YouTube. My grandmother tried many, many years ago, but I just was not interested when I was little. Right before Christmas, I saw a Global Edmonton story about the NICU Crocheters, and how they were making items to donate to the Misericordia NICU. Even though I am not in Edmonton, I thought I would join the group anyway, just to see if they needed more items. Well since then, it has grown to include hospitals across Alberta! I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to donate to the Grande Prairie Hospital, as my son spent over a week in the NICU when he was born with Rh Disease and had to undergo a full blood transfusion as he was severely jaundiced. I still remember the blanket he received when he was there, even though it has been over 18 years!”

Thank you to Lori, Jennifer, and the NICU Crocheters your story and support are an inspiration. Our tiny patients are ready for the day of love with their new outfits!

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