Grateful Patient Program

A Tribute to Care

Has a healthcare professional made a difference in your life or in the life of someone you love? Maybe it was their caring and compassion that made all the difference in that one moment. Perhaps it was their smile or words of encouragement and support that helped in a stressful time.

Is there a doctor, a nurse or a technician that did a life-saving procedure? Or support staff person, a porter or a volunteer who showed you kindness?

The Grateful Patient Program gives you the opportunity to express your gratitude to these wonderful people who make a difference.

Your gift to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation will recognize that special healthcare professional and express your deep and personal appreciation.

This person will be presented with a special pin and a certificate recognizing the special care they provided. Let them know that the work they do every day really does make a difference.

The Foundation will promptly acknowledge your gift and notify the designated person or family. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed. A tax receipt will be issued in your name and mailed to you. All donations are greatly appreciated.


The Story of a Grateful Patient and A Little Blue Bunny…………

Grateful Patient Program - Blue Bunny 1Brooks Hoffos met his childhood hero, Pediatric Nurse, Joan Libsekal. Brooks was just 9 years old when he was admitted to the Grande Prairie General Hospital over the Christmas holidays.

“He was one very, very sick little boy who changed my life”, tells Joan who has retired from Alberta Health Services.

During that time in hospital they developed a special bond that transformed both of their paths in life. Brooks tells us that his favorite nurse, “the nurse I loved” helped me in ways that words cannot really express. “She changed my life and her impact helps me to take on the day with a positive approach. This is why I love my life”.

What Brooks did not know is how much he impacted Joan’s life as well. On December 29, 1980 that 9 year old little boy gave his much-loved nurse his favorite little blue bunny. She thought that Brooks would miss it and tried to give it to his mom before he was discharged. His mother told her that she and Brooks discussed it at length and that she just had to accept his gift. Joan, a young nurse only on the job 16 months, accepted this treasured gift and made two promises to herself that day.

The first one was to take extra special care of this blue bunny which has been her guiding light to always care for others in the same way she cared for Brooks. “This little blue bunny always kept me grounded and focused over the years. I carried it with me my entire career and shared my story about this special little boy, says Joan”.

The second promise was to one day find Brooks as an adult and give him the little blue bunny back with the stories of how this precious gesture changed her outlook in patient care.

Brooks has since reconnected with his childhood angel who kept him safe and cared for him so deeply all those year ago. Their emotional reunion was heartfelt and will be treasured by both for the rest of their lives. Joan gave up her precious blue bunny that she treasured so much over the last 36 years to that little boy who’s all grown up.

Who could ever imagine that a bond so great could be made in just a few days and would have the power to create such an impact in each of their lives. That little blue bunny, a symbol of care and compassion, now sits in the hands of that little boy once again.

Greatest Needs

Greatest Need Fund: making the greatest positive impact on your healthcare.

You cannot predict when or why you will need your hospitals. But, at some point during your life, you or someone you love will need them.

Your hospitals and their healthcare teams are there for you, every day. They are ready when you need help with the birth of your new baby, to help with a broken bone, or to give you the support you need for a life-changing illness. Your need for excellent care remains the same even though healthcare needs change.

Your hospitals are critical, and you are the key to helping them be their best. Your support to the Greatest Needs Fund makes a positive impact not only on your life but in hundreds of thousands of people that live in your community and the larger region. That is a major impact! This fund goes to items identified by your hospital staff as a way to enhance your healthcare.

The Hospital Foundation is honored to be your trusted partner. To work alongside both you and your hospitals, making sure your vision of healthcare is a reality.

The needs of your hospital are real, and they need your support today. You are the key to helping change people’s lives.

MOZART Mission

Keeping local cancer patients closer to home for surgery and treatment…

In supporting MOZART Mission, you are directly contributing to the efforts of a phenomenal group of women who are rallying together to help purchase of essential equipment for your surgical department. The MOZART System creates true 3D images of breast specimens providing better views of lesions and margins even through dense breast tissue and obstructions. This allows your surgeons to make real-time decisions to better treat breast cancer patients throughout the region.

Contact Information
Dawn Veilleux-Miller, Major Gifts Officer
Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation
Phone 825-412-4130

Planned Giving Program

Leave a legacy by building a better foundation for tomorrow…today.

Planned Gifts will always be an integral part of providing state of the art technology and excellence in service and equipment for healthcare in our community.

Why make a Planned Gift?
Planning now for your future and the future of the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation can be mutually beneficial. The Foundation depends on thoughtful individuals like you to make decisions today to create a legacy for tomorrow. Arranging a planned charitable gift is sound financial planning, offering an attractive tax incentive.

Leave a legacy that will make a difference for generations to come. The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation offers a wide variety of investment options that can help you leave a lasting family legacy. Whether you choose to give through a cash donation, life insurance policy, a bequest in your will, gifts of publicly traded stock options, bursaries, endowments, RRSPs, or even gifts of property or art, there is a way to give that can suit everyone’s needs.

Gifts made through a will are called bequests. Your bequest can be a fixed amount, a specific percentage of the residual amount of the estate, and/or a specific asset. A bequest in your will to a charity of your choice will provide tax relief for your estate in the year of death.

Gifts of Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance makes it possible for you to leverage your contributions to your charity of choice. Your gift to charity is assured with a paid-up policy or through a policy with ongoing premiums paid by the donor.

Endowment Funds
The idea of creating a perpetual stream of financial support makes sense for people who see a similarity between retirement funds and endowment provisions. Only the income or a portion thereof will be used to support the Hospital Foundation.

Always seek the advice of an accredited estate planner, financial advisor or legal counsel when considering your legacy giving goals, and then contact us to determine how your gift can make a difference at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital.

Contact Information
Keith Curtis, Executive Director
Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation
Phone 825-412-4130

Key to Care Capital Campaign

You are the key to care.

Like you, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation cares about the future of healthcare for your communities and families. By following this mission, together we can support the vision of engaging with you and your community to support excellence in healthcare.

Through the Key to Care Capital Campaign, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation is looking forward to the future, creating ways to enhance care in your region today and for generations to come.

Strengthening healthcare is important for every person in your region. The impacts of care received will be felt by you, your nieghbours, your family and your coworkers at some point in their lives. Being able to offer new services, patient care programs, and educational tools for you the patients and health care providers creates an environment that promotes wellness and healing.

Your gift to the Key to Care Capital Campaign ensures that your hospitals provide a high level of care, increase positive outcomes for patients and offer services right here at home that are usually only available in large urban centers.

Through the Key to Care Capital Campaign, together we can improve the healthcare experience for everyone in your region in four key areas.


  • Key to the Art of Healing will enrich healing as well as promote mental health and well-being for patients, families and staff throughout the hospital. The scope of the Art of Healing includes artworks, sculptures, beautiful gardens and music. The Key to the Art of Healing also encompasses mental health, a key component of patient care, with supports for art therapy, comfort, sensory therapy and beyond.
  • Key Innovations will allow for the purchase of specialized medical equipment for the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital and the QEII Hospital. Innovative equipment will bring new and exciting technological advancements to you right here at home.
  • Key to Knowledge will develop tools that will allow patients to become knowledgeable about their health and prepare to care for themselves upon their release from the hospital. It will create educational opportunities for healthcare providers so they can advance care in our hospitals even further.
  • Key Equipment for Life Legacy Fund is an Endowment Fund, and the annual returns of this fund will be utilized to purchase specialized medical equipment. Contributions to this Legacy fund will ensure that the long-term needs in your region are taken care of and that patient care can be enhanced for generations to come.

For more information or to donate to the Key to Care Campaign please contact Dawn Miller at or 780-832-6471.

Parental Bereavement Program

Supporting parents in the early stages of grief

Gabby, a young mother, is sitting in shock at your hospital. Her little baby Asuna never got to take a breath. “Why is this a thing, it should not be a thing. It was a healthy pregnancy…” Gabby and Matt share their story of baby Asuna and how your support became part of their story.

You never want to hear a story like this, but you know it happens. A parent’s loss of a baby is heartbreaking, to say the least. No one can prepare for that kind of loss and when it does happen, you need immediate support.

Your hospitals’ healthcare teams are there for parents in those early stages of grief. They can be there because your region refuses to turn its back on this kind of pain. Your region and its communities believe in giving your frontline staff the power to go beyond normal compassion in a way that supports the unique needs of each parent.

This belief created the Parent Bereavement Program, a program that offers:

  • Ceremonial acts
  • Reading materials
  • Mementos including blankets and charms for parents and siblings

“These might sound like small things, but they are powerful. I know because I see and feel the impact,” says Brittany, a nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

You are a vital link and can make sure this patient-care program continues. Be the beacon of hope for you, your loved ones, staff, patients and the people in your region.


Please, give what you can. Every dollar matters because it makes a difference in a life.

If you would like to do more, please consider supporting a month of this program or join Tiny Hands of Hope on their annual Walk to Remember.

WinWin Staff Lottery

Support your hospitals and win at the same time – it’s a win-win!

When you buy a WinWin Staff Lottery ticket, proceeds are invested directly back to the hospital of your designation. That means it supports your hospitals and your community!

Together we can make a significant difference for our health care facilities across the province.

Over the last few years, we have had 2 x $50,000 North Zone employees win! Dreams can come true, right here at home!

Staff Opt-in

Non-AHS Staff Ticket Purchase


Please make sure to designate either the Queen Elizabeth II or Grande Prairie Regional Hospital as your hospital of choice.

Check out the draw dates, and prizes All the lastest lottery information is found at Have questions? Click here.

Note: Staff must opt-in each year to the lottery. Don’t miss out on your chance to win! Opt-in today!


Monthly Giving Program

Through this program, your monthly gift will make an impact on the level of healthcare in your region for your family, friends. colleagues, neighbours and yourself. Your donations will purchase equipment, fund programs and continue to improve the quality of healthcare at your hospitals.

Why make a monthly gift?

An affordable gift that is automatically donated puts you in control. You can modify or cancel at any time. You will receive one receipt at the end of the year to make it easy at tax time. Once you are set up, you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference. Monthly gifts reduce administrative costs, cutting down on processing and tax receipting. Reliable monthly gifts make it easier for us to plan ahead!

Memorial Gifts

Loss is never easy, often you can’t find the words you want to share with your family or friends. It is a highly individualized experience, but when your loved one dies, it can also provide a unique perspective.

By making a donation to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation in the name of a loved one who has passed you will help the memory of them to live on.

With an accumulated donation of $1,000 or more a commemorative plaque is engraved with your loved one’s name and is placed on the Memorial Wall in the hospital.

Your gift will be used to benefi­t the department or program you select when you make your donation. The next of kin will be notified by the Foundation of your gift disclosing only your name, not the amount of your gift. A tax receipt for your donation will be issued in your name and sent to you.

To make your memorial donation through the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation, please complete the Donate Form.


Visual Arts Program

Art allows distraction, escape, contemplation, exploration and can bring the participant a sense of calm, relaxation, enjoyment, purpose and ultimately wellness. The psychological wellbeing of the patient is integral to their physical healing and the Arts can bring wellness in many forms and in many ways.

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital’s rotating Gallery spaces have been a wonderful venue to bring the Art of our very talented Peace Region into the daily life of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital. The Courtyard Gallery, adjacent to the cafeteria, was fortunate enough to host shows from Donna Kaut, Ed Bader, Helena Mulligan, Vicki Hotte, The Northern Piecemakers Quilt Guild and Dan Arberry. These shows brought the diversity of Art into the setting allowing us to enjoy approaches ranging from realism to the abstract, using a wide range of materials including fabric, wax encaustic, oils, acrylic, watercolours and mixed media and with subjects ranging from Flora to Fauna and much more.

Similarly, in the Mackenzie Place display cubes, we were able to feature artworks from the children of Grande Prairie brought to us by the Centre for the Creative Arts, a beautiful selection of smaller works by well known and appreciated regional artists Euphemia McNaught, Robert Guest and Jim Adrain taken from the Hospitals own collection and some very creative and introspective masks made by patients from Addictions and Mental Health Services. We wrapped up the balance of our year with a selection of beautiful handmade pottery from Cheryl Brown and the incredibly intricate floral designs of Janice Lutsenko.

The art on display in our Gallery spaces is available for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to the Hospital Foundation. We encourage you to stop by often to enjoy the various exhibitions and if you see something you like, consider making a purchase and take it home knowing that you are supporting both local artists and our Foundation.


White Rose Program

The importance of this program lies in the comfort that it provides to the families it serves.

Every life is a unique story, but what remains true is that each story must eventually come to an end. How it ends, is as important as how it was lived and who was loved along the way. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a harrowing experience for those left behind, as you may know.

It is because of people just like you that the White Rose Program, can help create an ending a little gentler, less traumatic and easier to face.

Through this program, loved ones receive a parking pass, blankets, snacks, coffee and a comfort bag. The comfort bag includes items such as books for children and adults, toys, cards and other amenities. These items give loved ones more precious time without added worries and stress. After the passing, loved ones receive information on coping with grief and the option to receive one free necklace charm which holds their beloved’s fingerprint.

It is also through this program that an image of a white rose is placed on the patient’s door and a candle is lit at the nursing station to signify that a patient on the unit is coming to the end of their story. These small symbols ensure that respect and quiet are observed to give the patient and their family a safe space to connect and grieve.

How You Have Helped Already

Amanda donated in loving memory of her grandma, Irene DePoortere
Amanda donated in loving memory of her grandma, Irene DePoortere

Here is one of many families your support of the White Rose Program has impacted:

“The White Rose Program provided many elements that aided in creating a calming and comfortable environment for our family to gather and support our grandma in her final days. Those moments were a gift and we continue to recognize, through Sponsorship, the significance of what this program gave to us during that difficult time. We hope that you, your family or business will consider donating to such a heartfelt project that directly impacts our community as well as aims to offer a peaceful and respectful setting in which to say goodbye to your loved ones.”  -Amanda Thomson

How Can You Help?

Your caring and generosity can be the rest of so many stories. A donation of $500.00 provides for the operations and supplies needed by the White Rose Program for one month.

Donations of new knit blankets, books, snacks, pocket-size games, and toys that can be used in the comfort bags are greatly appreciated.

Be a part of the story…


Bravery Beads

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What is the Bravery Bead Program?

The precious keepsake is a medal or badge of courage for patients and their families.

With procedures, tests and events sometimes being uncomfortable or frightening for our youngest patients, the Bravery Beads program offers a tangible incentive for them to be courageous during their treatment.

When a child begins their difficult journey, they are given a necklace with their name on it.  As they undergo treatments, surgeries, chemo or any other therapy, they will receive a special bead signifying the experience.  These are called Bravery Beads and commemorate these milestones.

This program allows patients to create a necklace with colourful beads that represent their unique and special journey and to make something that they are proud of and want to share with family and friends. The program means a lot to the families as well, who see the beads as a tangible representation of their child’s courage, and of what the family has experienced together.

Each child is given the opportunity to collect a different bead for each procedure, test or events they participate in while visiting the QEII Hospital for care.  The string of beads also comes with a journal to explain each bead received.

Where did the program begin?

The Bravery Beads Program started at British Columbia Children’s Hospital in 1999.  The idea for the program came about when a pediatric social worker welcomed her teenage son home from a wilderness camp and found that he had a string of beads to commemorate milestones achieved on the trip.  When she realized how much her son valued the string of beads and how easily he was able to tell the story of each experience, each one represented by a coloured bead on the necklace, she theorized that children who have to travel the difficult journey through cancer treatment, and other medical conditions requiring hospital care, would treasure a beaded necklace as well.  She and her colleagues developed the idea and the Bravery Bead Program was born!


How has the program made a difference?

A parent said that the Bravery Bead Program has allowed her son to talk about his journey through treatment to his brother and to the other members of the family.

One mother described her four-year old’s struggle with cancer treatment. Hesitant and scared at first, the child now proudly takes her necklace to school to show the other children. One day she took it into the Principal’s office. The Principal later told the child’s parent that she was amazed to hear complex and difficult procedures like “lumbar puncture” and “bone marrow aspirate” described so matter-of-factly by a four-year old child. The parent said that the Bravery Bead Program was responsible. I feel proud when people notice my beads.”

“I think this program is very great because it gives us kids a reason to want to come back. It shows how brave we are!” 12 year-old patient

“A three year old is able to point to his beads and tell people what he got them for – like medals in wartime, I guess. For me, it reminds me on his bad days, just how much he is going through….he loves putting his beads on his older sister. She likes keeping track of his beads for him. It helps her understand what her brother is going through. “Mother of 3 year-old
“Bravery Beads make me feel brave and special and nice….the beads remind me of all the brave things I have done, and that makes me feel good….(they) make me feel joyful and cheerful inside…I feel good inside when people say nice things about my beads….I feel proud!”

As one parent described it, “The necklace gives my child a voice for sharing.”

Born to Read Program

Starting life born to read!

In 2019, the Grande Prairie Public Library and the Hospital Foundation came together with the shared goal of promoting early literacy to new parents. Thanks to the generous support of Alliance Pipeline, babies born at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital or delivered by a local midwife will receive their first book.

“Babies benefit from hearing their caregivers read aloud right from birth,” says Jacob Fehr, Head of Children’s & Teen Services at the Grande Prairie Public Library. “They learn from the sounds and cues around them, which helps them develop a large vocabulary by the time they enter school.” Early literacy also has other positive impacts on babies. “Reading together creates a strong family bond,” says Fehr.

Literacy and libraries are important for all ages. For children the Library is a place to explore the world and spark the imagination. For parents, it provides an opportunity to learn and grow – creating empowered parents and community members.

Before leaving the hospital, parents receive a bag containing a carefully selected board book, information about the Grande Prairie Public Library and the Hospital Foundation. The first book chosen was Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard, followed by another from the same series – Hungry Bird.

Do you also believe every child deserves the chance to be read to? 


Therapeutic Clown Program

What is a Therapeutic Clown?

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A Therapeutic Clown is a specially trained professional who works in health care settings to bring laughter, companionship and delight to patients and their families.

Imagine how scary and intimidating a hospital can be to a young person.  There are children that stay in hospital and spend days, months and sometimes even longer, away from their home and family.

Our Therapeutic Clown helps minimize the stress for our young patients and their families during treatments, while having medical procedures, or to fill the time while family members wait for a loved one to have surgery.   This can be a great comfort to these young patients and their families.

Our Clown creates long-lasting relationships and some happy memories in a time that is trying.

Although our medical personnel are essential to the health of our patients, to a child Butterfly could very well be the most important person that they meet in the hospital.  She is the only person at the QEII hospital who is not doing any medical procedures.

Butterfly is a positive influence in any situation that can be confusing, scary and sometimes even painful to a young person. If you believe happiness can aid in healing then you’ll feel good about donating to this program.

The Therapeutic Clown Program does not just end with the children, Butterfly makes all of us smile. At the QEII Hospital, we consider Butterfly part of the hospital healthcare team, joining in the healing and wellness efforts of the patients, and supporting all types of healthcare delivery systems.

The Therapeutic Clown Program is not funded by public health dollars.  Without sponsorships and /or your donations we would not have this valuable program.  Your support will truly make a difference in a child’s life and also in the lives of their families.

Butterfly cruises the halls of the QEII Hospital twice a week dispensing her own brand of medicine – healing through laughter and joy.  The car she drives is equipped with an IV pole and two spots to carry oxygen tanks so that no child has to be left behind!

Individuals and Businesses get an opportunity to have their names displayed on the Therapeutic Clown Donor Wall which is located inside the Car Garage.  The garage sits in the highest traffic area of the Hospital by the main entrance and just outside of the gift shop.




Confidence, reliability, and peace of mind is something everyone deserves when caring for a parent or a loved one.

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital in conjunction with Philips Lifeline offers peace of mind to over 2000 patients and their families.

The Philips Lifeline service provides worry-free protection, 24 hours a day, for seniors and those at-risk of:

  • At risk for falls;  Home alone on a frequent basis;
  • Using adaptive devices to assist with walking;
  • Managing a medical condition;
  • Considering a move to an assisted living facility;
  • At risk for readmission.

Lifeline allows them to live comfortably and confidently in their own homes, knowing help is a press of a button away. You as well can feel safe knowing your favourite senior or loved one has access to the help they need when they need it.

To find out more about Lifeline or book a complimentary demonstration, today.

Contact Information

Telephone: 780- 538-4597
Toll-Free: 1-866-858-8618

Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Lifeline: Celebrating over 30 years of helping seniors and patients!

Bruno The Cat’s Pet Program

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation has started a “Bruno The Cat’s Pet Program”, which will look to deliver lifelike cats and dogs to residents at Mackenzie Place Continuing Care Centre or those with extended stays at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital and Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

This program was the result of a robotic cat being gifted to Bruno a MacKenzie Place resident by his daughter. The results of which exceed all expectations and resulted in a boosted to Bruno’s cognitive behavior. Read more HERE.

Helping to alleviate depression and loneliness in our senior patients is always a top concern for healthcare workers but COVID isolation has only made this issue worse. Having a “pet” to look after or cuddle helps patients to have something to focus on and to talk about with family members.

Support Bruno The Cat’s Pet Program today!

Donate YOUR Way

When donating to the Foundation you decide. You decide where you want your money to go. You decide how often you donate. Every dollar stays right here in your community, used where it is needed most.