The Festival of Trees GP: A Mega Festival that Makes a Big Difference

The magic of the Holiday Season is in the air…

Late November, when you are surrounded by winter in the Peace Region, there is nothing like taking your loved ones in out of the cold to experience the wonder of #festivaloftreesgp! The 4 day “mega festival” is a cherished tradition in the Peace Region and is not to be missed!

You will start at the entrance tunnel – walking through transports you to a wonderland full of holiday magic, including hot drinks, special treats, shopping, raffle and auction items and entertainment. Things to do for little ones include pictures with Santa, writing letters full of Christmas wishes, building special presents, sleigh rides and becoming a doctor in the Teddy Bear Hospital – they will sleep well tonight!

Are you looking for more festive fun? Ticketed events for adults and families include the elegant Gala evening, the always popular Mistletoe Mixer, the boot-stompin’ Holiday Barn Burner, the family favorite Teddy Bear Breakfast and so much more!

Events sell out, so don’t wait! 

Each year, the Tara Centre at Evergreen Park, in the County of Grande Prairie, is transformed. It takes over 500 volunteers and a week to set up – it is no small feat! With over 20,000 people attending this event, it’s no wonder this event is considered the official start of the holiday season and a tradition for you and your loved ones in the Peace Region.

Started in 1988, the annual event is held close to home at Evergreen Park, County of Grande Prairie. The Festival takes place mid to late November and although it continues to grow and change each year, it remains the Hospital Foundation’s premier event. Themed around the holiday season and the spirit of Christmas – it’s the Hospital Foundation’s way of giving back to your region.

When you go to the Festival of Trees, it is part of something bigger…

The Festival of Trees is the single largest fundraising event for the Hospital Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to care about the future of healthcare for you, your loved ones, your community, and your region.  As a resident in the Peace Region, you have a vision of healthcare and what your hospitals can do. Together we have and will continue to fulfill the greatest needs of your hospitals.

You are vital. If you also believe that your hospitals are crucial to our region, then you are the key. Your support is key to making your hospitals great!