Support the Girls: Supporting Breast Cancer Patients

As a Canadian woman, you have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer during your lifetime. The threat is real, and the pain it causes is both physical and emotional.

“I have seen the struggles women go through and the support they need when battling breast cancer – they are significant. Support and compassion are needed, every day,” explains Alison Gustafson, owner of Victoria’s Attic and the creator of Support the Girls event.

She knows women need to be offered understanding and education during breast cancer discovery and diagnosis. There is a need to recognize and support the women fighting and going through treatment along with celebrating those powerful survivors.

“The mission of the Support the Girls event is to do just that. Provide meaningful, ongoing support to those who always support us,” says Gustafson. “Our hope is to make our girls’ numerous hospital trips a bit more enjoyable, less clinical, and a whole lot more supportive. We want them to feel like they have the support of their entire community.”

The event has quickly become a “must-attend” occasion with proceeds going directly to a specially designed waiting room for Mammography and Biopsy patients. The result is a “spa-like” area – giving patients a comfortable, serene, warm waiting area, with access to soft fabrics and comfortable garments. These soul-soothing elements are crucial for comfort before a treatment or an appointment. The Hospital Foundation is a proud partner in making this dream a reality.

Don’t wait! Take your friends and support the girls! You will not be disappointed – the grab bags alone are the talk of the town! Purchase your tickets here: Event information.