Paula moved to Grande Prairie from Ontario in 2001, after taking a year to travel all over the place. Her travels also included living in Russia for a few months as a youth coordinator and working in drama and various other artistic ventures. After that, she decided to settle in the Grande Prairie area. Paula’s background is in arts with drama, acting and storytelling. For many many years Paula was owner-operator of a successful business called “ Little Lucy’s clown caboose “ in 2004 she presented the Therapeutic Clown Program to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation. As the years passed and life at home with kiddos became crazy busy Paula decided to focus more on the therapeutic clowning side of the business and retired her alter ego ”Little Lucy”.  Paula’s Butterfly character as the therapeutic hospital clown has been operating for 16 years in Grande Prairie. Another joy in Paula’s life is truly her family and children with 2 teens, 1 tween and a toddler, the home is also occupied by the cat who rules over the dog and parrot. On the side, as a hobby, Paula loves to keep busy by creating new things and buying and selling vintage and antique items through her small pickers business.