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In Memoriam Furniture...

This bench was purchased by the staff of Hi-Tech Business Systems in loving memory of Landra Blanchette.

Outdoor furniture is still available for purchase in memory of your loved one.

In Memory of Landra

Landra Mae Blanchette was born January 24th, 1965 in Watson Lake, Yukon to Irvin and Martha Ziegeman. The family lived in nearby Swift River, Yukon. The Ziegemans moved to Fort St John in 1970. Landra’s final move was to Grande Prairie in 1986 with her soon-to-be husband and high school sweetheart, Jimmy, which they called home. Before long they welcomed their son Dawson James to the world in 1999.

After a short stint at a clothing store, Landra began at the Co-op. One of Landa’s greatest attributes is her ability not only to make friends, but to keep them as well – often becoming so close that they would refer to themselves as family. The Co-op staff was no exception. In 2007, Landra joined the Hi-Tech team. She loved her job and all the people that went with it. As a very close knit group, the staff did many things together and Landra fit right in.

Landra was a beautiful soul, she loved to dance, play baseball and golf. She had a heart that was as big as the outdoors that she enjoyed so much. Known for her long drives, Landra loved to golf. In fact, her ladies league team won numerous times. Once again, Landra’s personality endeared her to everyone she met, and her golfing buddies became the sisters of yet another family to which Landra belonged to. This included her joining the exclusive hole in one club.

Perhaps her favourite sport though was hockey, ironically enough, it’s one she didn’t even play. It began while watching a young Jimmy and grew as she got to watch Dawson begin his minor hockey career. She often assumed the role as jersey mom, once again, as you could probably guess, capturing the hearts of the other moms.

Cats were the animal of choice for Landra. More than one ended up on the doorstep, knowing exactly where the best house was. 

The terrible disease  cancer played a part in Landra’s story, but didn’t define her. It never changed who she was as a person. In fact, her journey further revealed and confirmed her character – she really was a hero. Not once did she ever complain about the hand she was dealt. There is no silver lining to this story… her countless appointments and trips to Edmonton gave her hope and she fought like a warrior to the end.

We only live once, but if we do it right, like Landra did… once is enough.

Written by Dawson Blanchette