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This bench was purchased by The Grande Prairie Garden Club.

Enjoy the garden with The Grande Prairie Garden Club

The Grande Prairie Garden Club is  a diverse group of adults who meet to share advice and discuss the successes (and failures) of gardening. We welcome all experience levels, from new gardeners to the more experienced.

The Grande Prairie Garden Club was started in its present form in 1998 when a group of interested people formed a club. There had been a horticultural society in the area before this time, but the focus was more on completion and bench shows. The new group saw a shift in focus to education, social interaction and community service. The club has continued in this fashion ever since.

Some of the activities over the years have included garden tours, guest speakers, plant sales, plant and seed exchanges, planting and maintaining community gardens, helping with individuals who may need or benefit from gardening assistance, removing noxious weeds in the county, and many other activities. We donate to groups to fund garden initiatives. In the summer months, in addition to tours, we often have a potluck meals at a member’s garden.

Although the Covid restrictions of 2000/2001 hampered many indoor activities, we were able to continue through the warmer months with meetings and tours. The group is a great support and resource for all levels of gardeners.

The Club can be contacted through Facebook or email at