GROWing in commUNITY: Wellness Gardens

It all started with dirt and a sprout of imagination. The result is an annual plating event called GROWing in community and it is beautiful.

The annual event makes the hospital a better place to visit with everyone experiencing positive mental health benefits. “Every single time I was out in the flower beds last summer, whether it was watering plants, weeding, or taking pictures, people would come up and tell me how much they appreciated seeing the beautiful flowers. I heard from patients, visitors, residents of Mackenzie Place, and the children and families of the on-site daycare. Everyone appreciated the generous donations from local greenhouses and hard work that went into the project,” explains Candice Edey, member of the Wellness Team at the QEII.

In 2017, a few of the nurses brought an idea to the Wellness Team and the Hospital Foundation with the goal of bringing the comfort of nature to your hospital – so you and your loved ones can enjoy. What better place to start than the flower gardens surrounding the QE II Hospital?

Fast forward to today, and this cherished staff favorite has grown to an annual event! Thanks to the generosity of local greenhouses and businesses, plant and flower donations arrive at the hospital at the end of May. Teams of frontline hospital workers and community volunteers each claim a flower bed. BAM! Artistry and dirt start flying!

This planting event takes place during the last week of May. The teams of hospital staff take responsibility to maintain their own garden during the summer and at the end, the Grande Prairie Garden Club comes and judges. The winning team receives a coveted trophy that they proudly display. The Foundation is a proud partner helping to collect donations of plants, tools, food and drinks for the planting event.

Be a part of it! Donate to the GROWing in commUNITY event by contacting You can also help nurses by donating to the Striving for Nursing Excellence Bursary; a fund which allows local nurses to further their education. Your support of the fund will show your nurses they matter, every day. The benefits of your donation will last a lifetime.