Grande Prairie Storm’s Teddy Bear Toss: it’s beary exciting!

It is a blast! What better way to celebrate The Strom’s first goal of the night than by throwing a teddy bear on the ice?

Get ready for game night! Buy a teddy bear of any size, please keep its sale tags on and then put it into a plastic bag. TAGS ON means it is new, and the bag stops it from getting wet on the ice. Now, get yourself ready:  jersey on and practice your throw – we can’t wait to hear you cheer on the Storm as they go for that first goal! 

Know that your teddy will be going to a good home: delivered to a child at one of your hospitals. Your little bear brings BIG comfort!

Don’t have time to buy a teddy? No worries: there are some for sale on game day, at the doors.

In early December, keep an eye on the Grande Prairie Storm’s Facebook Page to find out the exact date of this exciting event!

The Hospital Foundation is so thankful to you for supporting for the littlest patients at your hospitals. We can tell you the bears bring comfort and are kept close during hard times. Thank you again, for only bringing new teddy bears, it helps us keep our hospitals’ sick kids safe.  

See you at the game! Follow The Storm’s Facebook Page. #gpab #wearethestorm