White Rose Program

The importance of this program lies in the comfort that it provides to the families it serves.

Every life story has its ups and downs and unfortunately part of all of our story is that it eventually comes to an end. How it ends, is as important as how we lived and those we loved along the way. The White Rose Program makes it easier for families to say goodbye to their loved ones. An image of a white rose is placed on the patient’s door and a candle is lit at the nursing station to signify that a patient and their family on the unit are coming to the end of one of their loved one’s story.

These small symbols ensure that respect and quiet are observed to give the patient and their family a safe space to connect and grieve. The White Rose Program provides families with a parking pass, blankets, snacks, coffee and comfort bags. Comfort bags include books for children and adults, toys, cards and other amenities. This allows families to spend precious
time with their loved ones without added worries, stress or anxiety.

The White Rose Program provides critical information for families that help them cope with grief and end of life planning. Your caring and generosity can be the rest of their story. Your donation of $500.00 provides for the operations and supplies needed by the White Rose Program for one month.

Donations of new knit blankets, books, snacks, pocket-size games, and toys that can be used in the comfort bags are greatly appreciated.

Be a part of the rest of the story…