Parental Bereavement Program

Supporting parents in the early stages of grief

Gabby, a young mother, is sitting in shock at your hospital. Her little baby Asuna never got to take a breath. “Why is this a thing, it should not be a thing. It was a healthy pregnancy…” Gabby and Matt share their story of baby Asuna and how your support became part of their story.

You never want to hear a story like this, but you know it happens. A parent’s loss of a baby is heartbreaking, to say the least. No one can prepare for that kind of loss and when it does happen, you need immediate support.

Your hospitals’ healthcare teams are there for parents in those early stages of grief. They can be there because your region refuses to turn its back on this kind of pain. Your region and its communities believe in giving your frontline staff the power to go beyond normal compassion in a way that supports the unique needs of each parent.

This belief created the Parent Bereavement Program, a program that offers:

“These might sound like small things, but they are powerful. I know because I see and feel the impact,” says Brittany, a nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

You are a vital link and can make sure this patient-care program continues. Be the beacon of hope for you, your loved ones, staff, patients and the people in your region.


Please, give what you can. Every dollar matters because it makes a difference in a life.

If you would like to do more, please consider supporting a month of this program or join Tiny Hands of Hope on their annual Walk to Remember.