Grateful Patient Program

A Tribute to Care

Has a healthcare professional made a difference in your life or in the life of someone you love? Maybe it was their caring and compassion that made all the difference in that one moment. Perhaps it was their smile or words of encouragement and support that helped in a stressful time.

Is there a doctor, a nurse or a technician that did a life-saving procedure? Or support staff person, a porter or a volunteer who showed you kindness?

The Grateful Patient Program gives you the opportunity to express your gratitude to these wonderful people who make a difference.

Your gift to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation will recognize that special healthcare professional and express your deep and personal appreciation.

This person will be presented with a special pin and a certificate recognizing the special care they provided. Let them know that the work they do every day really does make a difference.

The Foundation will promptly acknowledge your gift and notify the designated person or family. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed. A tax receipt will be issued in your name and mailed to you. All donations are greatly appreciated.


The Story of a Grateful Patient and A Little Blue Bunny…………

Grateful Patient Program - Blue Bunny 1Brooks Hoffos met his childhood hero, Pediatric Nurse, Joan Libsekal. Brooks was just 9 years old when he was admitted to the Grande Prairie General Hospital over the Christmas holidays.

“He was one very, very sick little boy who changed my life”, tells Joan who has retired from Alberta Health Services.

During that time in hospital they developed a special bond that transformed both of their paths in life. Brooks tells us that his favorite nurse, “the nurse I loved” helped me in ways that words cannot really express. “She changed my life and her impact helps me to take on the day with a positive approach. This is why I love my life”.

What Brooks did not know is how much he impacted Joan’s life as well. On December 29, 1980 that 9 year old little boy gave his much-loved nurse his favorite little blue bunny. She thought that Brooks would miss it and tried to give it to his mom before he was discharged. His mother told her that she and Brooks discussed it at length and that she just had to accept his gift. Joan, a young nurse only on the job 16 months, accepted this treasured gift and made two promises to herself that day.

The first one was to take extra special care of this blue bunny which has been her guiding light to always care for others in the same way she cared for Brooks. “This little blue bunny always kept me grounded and focused over the years. I carried it with me my entire career and shared my story about this special little boy, says Joan”.

The second promise was to one day find Brooks as an adult and give him the little blue bunny back with the stories of how this precious gesture changed her outlook in patient care.

Brooks has since reconnected with his childhood angel who kept him safe and cared for him so deeply all those year ago. Their emotional reunion was heartfelt and will be treasured by both for the rest of their lives. Joan gave up her precious blue bunny that she treasured so much over the last 36 years to that little boy who’s all grown up.

Who could ever imagine that a bond so great could be made in just a few days and would have the power to create such an impact in each of their lives. That little blue bunny, a symbol of care and compassion, now sits in the hands of that little boy once again.