Participant Tips

The goal of the Backyard Burger SHOWdown is to save little lives at your hospital.

Below are some tips on how to go about fundraising – it’s easy, just ask!

Starting from scratch – don’t worry there’s a recipe

Begin by starting with a fundraising goal. Put it on your Team page that was created when you registered.

Letting others know your goal is inspiring. People will want to help you out! Honest, just ask!

There are amazing prizes for you to win! We could all use a little more fun in our lives right now.

Make your profile page sizzle!

People like you because you are you! This is your page and your journey. Let the page reflect who you are. Consider telling a story of why the goal of saving tiny lives is important to you.

Please keep your sponsors up to date on your challenge!

Spread the word with social media

Post regularly about your challenge and your hope to save tiny lives. Be inspirational to the people you know!

  1. Start by sharing your story or fundraising goal.
  2. In the days that follow, share your creative process.
  3. Finally, unwrap your creation by sharing your burger – send us a picture for us to post on our People’s Choice Facebook Poll. When you submit it to us, have fun with it! Have you named your burger? Do you have a theme?
  4. Encourage others to vote. You both can win! Watch for daily giveaways and fun ways to get involved.

In the end, the more votes you get the better your chances of winning! The more money you raise, the bigger impact you will have. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Don’t forget to tune into our social channels to try to win a daily prize!

Supersize your support through email

Send an email to everyone you know: friends, family, colleges. Don’t be shy. Asking provides people the opportunity to act – to feel empowered by making a change for the good of others.

Here is an example to get you started:

Dear family & friends

I have decided to be part of something BIG and I would like to ask for your help…

In August, I will be part of the Backyard Burger SHOWdown, hosted by the Grande Prairie Hospital Foundation. It’s a DYI burger challenge to make a big difference in tiny lives!

I am going to put my creativity and cooking skills to the test! I’ll be making good food for a good cause. All money raised will go towards the purchase of a vital piece of equipment for the Labour and Delivery Unit of my hospital: the Panda Infant Warmer. 

With just under 2,000 babies born at my hospital each year, the purchase of this piece of life-saving equipment will make a big difference in the lives of thousands of people in my region.

Please, consider supporting me in two ways:

Thank you, for considering it.

Until we see each other again, all the best!

Sincerely, Sign Your Name Here

Saying ‘thank you’ to the people who believed in you

It is important to recognize those that have taken the time to support you. Thank them by directly messaging your donors from your profile page.

You can also direct message them on social media or send them a message when logged into your profile page.

FUNdraising Ideas

Secret ingredient

How to play: Create your list of ingredients and fundraising levels you wish to reach for each ingredient. You can also make an open ask and see what your friends want to challenge you with.

How to:

Direct your people to your fundraising page with their secret ingredient choice and donate. Here are some ideas:

Secret ingredientWhen you get me to this level of donations I will use the below ingredient in my recipe.
Sunny-side-up egg $150
Peanut butter $200
Balsamic glaze $100
Spicy chips (not French fries) $250
Whole cloves of garlic  
One whole onion  
Mac and cheese  
Crab legs  
Stuffed burger (any centre filling)  
Frog legs  
Strawberries and oranges  

Friendly cookoff – who did it best?

Pick a friend, coworker or family member and challenge them! Let your other friends, family and colleagues know about the contest. Set a date for the cookoff.

How to play: every chef must register for the event. Host a 30-minute Zoom party with all your guests. You can create a poll beforehand. Then ask everyone to vote who did it best.

Com’on over to my place!

Pick a burger and a theme for a party. Set a date for your friends/family/colleagues to come on over. Tell your guests the ‘cost’ of the burger. All money raised will be donated to the Panda Infant Warmer.

How to play: Following social distancing protocols, ask your friends/family to come over to your place. Cook them your perfect burger. Get out your camera and take a video (vertical orientation on your phone) or pictures. Send them to us to win!

Some assembly required

Pick 3 teams of two people. Pick a theme for the burger.

Each team will create one ingredient from scratch: the bun, the burger, the toppings. The catch? You can’t talk about your creations or see them until you meet up to assemble it!

How to play: Using social distancing, set a date and location to assembly your creation. Make sure someone is tapping the unveiling and the assembly – this is going to be mega-fun!

Family judgment

You have to have thick skin for this one! Choose a theme, judging criteria and a member of your family. Now challenge them to a burger cook-off! The catch? Your family is going to judge you. They get to taste each of your burgers and tell you who is the best.

Have fun with the theme, you can create an entire meal surrounding it. Or you can simply just have a burger tasting. Dream big! The prize for winning the Team Spirit award is worth it!

How to play: Using social distancing, set a date and location to make your burgers. Tell your family members their judging criteria and let the tasting begin! Make sure someone is recording the contest with a mix of video and still images, this could get interesting!