Grande Prairie Costco’s Annual Pediatric Penguin Campaign: Together We Are More

Penguin Alert! All May, be on the watch for this little cutie at the local Costco. But why should you “buy” a penguin. Do not worry; you won’t have to build an artic playground in your bathroom. You are actually buying a very precious paper penguin.

The paper penguin represents the support of the annual Pediatric Penguin Campaign, a fantastic event supported by the Grande Prairie Costco to create the best care possible for our pediatric patients while in the hospital. The results continue to amaze us!

“Family and community are vital – because together we are stronger,” explains manager Ray Seabrooke, “our hospital is an essential part of our community, and we want to ensure it is there for everyone, including children.”

The drive to improve Pediatric healthcare is the basis of the partnership between Costco and the Hospital Foundation. You will find Foundation staff there during the campaign, and if your timing is right, you might spot our very own Therapeutic Clown, Butterfly, making magic balloon art.

The first-ever Pediatric Penguin Campaign, in 2018, raised enough money to purchase 2 infant ventilators and in 2019, 2 Pediatric MEDi Robots. These purchases continue to change the lives and the stories of children in our hospital every day.

You don’t have to wait – if you believe children deserve extra comfort and care in our hospital, donate to the pediatrics campaign today!